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Thinking of building your own Patio/Carport?


Here's a few things to bear in mind before attempting a DIY Kit.


  • No support: Usually onced purchased, You're on your own.
  • Tools: Beams, Receiver Channels, Gutters etc. need to be cut, drilled and screwed.
  • Proceedures: Roof Tiles/Metal roof sheets need to be removed and brackets installed to roof trusses.


You will need quite a collection of tools to build one of these structures, (Drill/Driver, Angle Grinder, Drill bits, Rivet gun, Silicon gun, Tape measure, spirit level, Spanners/Sockets, Tin Snips, wide mouth vise grips (to fold the ends of the sheets)).


We have built quite a few kits, as the customer wasn't as prepared as they thought, which just ends up costing the customer more money.
Plus, when you purchase and build of kit, There is no guarantee.

For a double carport, 6.2m by 6.0m, we can supply and install for around $500 more than it would cost to have a kit delivered.